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Welcome to Back Office Xtensions

Back Office Xtensions, based in the US and facilities in India offers cost-efficient, highly professional and high quality services to help enhance and expand your business operations. Focusing on business objectives, it enables organizations to grow, providing high class engineering and marketing services to customers. BOX is the best option to meet your unique out sourcing and off shoring needs. It helps reduce overhead costs and delivers high quality output customized to meet the requirements of your organization.

How can BOX help you?

1. Improvise your bottom line of business
2. Enhance your Internet marketing efforts
3. Custom solutions designed to meet your specification
4. Managing your back office using BOX

Areas of Implementation:

BOX provides you exquisite services that can be implemented in the following areas:

1. Internet marketing
2. Software Engineering Services
3. Outsourcing and off shoring
4. Lead Generation

Outsourcing Services

software engineering services
software development
software testing

internet marketing
search engine optimization
web design

lead generation
effective marketing campaigns
cold vs. warm vs. hot leads
increase sales leads now

off-shoring and outsourcing
administrative outsourcing
data management
quality assurance