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Global competition has driven the need for all companies to cut their costs and increase revenue. Whether it is overhead, manufacturing, marketing or sales, unnecessary costs have to be driven out to ensure a competitive edge. Business that fail to do so, run the risk of their competition, thus outselling them.

Effective marketing and sales are two areas where improvements have an immediate impact on the bottom line. Since both efforts are critical and with budgets usually limited, the highest possible return from each dollar invested, it is essential to focus on top and bottom line growth.

BOX lead generation service is unique in the market. When a company conducts a campaign, or when potential business customers visit a web site, in most cases, they visit the web site, but do not request “more information”. They could be visiting the site for competitive comparison purposes. However, since they do not necessarily sign up for information, a potential lead is lost and the company does not get an opportunity to convince the customer the reasons it has for a better product.

Our extensive experience in B2B lead generation has helped in many ways- led to the development of process and technologies, its inbound talent to deliver your company quick and qualified sales leads resulting in high ROI.

  1. Sales Lead Generation
  2. Effective Marketing Campaigns
  3. Cold vs. Warm vs. Hot Leads
  4. Increase sales leads now

a) Sales Lead Generation

Lead generation made easy ………..

More productivity and increased sales

Operations of Sales Lead Generation System:

  • Record hits from business customers– know potential customers who visit your website, even if the links do not particularly request for user information.
  • Generate warm/hot leads – cleanse list of web hits and contact information
  • Convert leads to sales – hot leads means more sales
  • Maximize sales time – reduce time consuming, productivity decreasing cold call lists.
  • Maximize marketing efforts – pro-actively capture marketing generated web traffic and convert them to sales
  • Maximize profits for your company by making your sales force more productive by providing solid leads.

Work flow of sales lead generation:

BOX patent pending technology allows you to capture web hits for your website. They can be logged and custom formatted to provide your sales staff leads, that are a result of interest shown in your products and services. Box’s lead generation services provide the following:

  • Web hits converted to lists
  • Lists classified, based on territories, area codes, zip codes and named accounts.
  • Named accounts lists are required when a named account visits the web site, and a specific lead is sent to the respective salesperson
  • Lists culled of junk web hits - This tells you if fake visitors who are paid to click on ads through spurious web sites have hijacked your Google or Yahoo campaign.
  • Maximize profit by increasing the sales figure

b. Effective Marketing Campaigns

Typical marketing campaigns consist of advertising, direct mail, email campaigns, mass mailing, cold calling, TV advertising and pop-up advertising. Such conventional methods make prospective customers make a direct call or visit websites that are considered as ‘web hits’. Web hits are directed to filling a form for more information or placing an order.

Only a small percent of users fill such forms though they are interested in the product. However, in today’s world of Google and other search engines, enlightened customers peruse multiple websites before contacting companies. Your expensive marketing campaign produces interest but fails to maximize capture of interested customers.

Would you like to be able to track who comes to your website and be able to call them while they are searching? It would a dramatic impact on marketing campaigns. Box’s lead generation program’s design is to capture web hits.

c. Cold vs. Warm vs. Hot Leads

The success rate of typical outbound sales calls depend on lists and types of leads generated by various methods. Cold leads have a low conversion ratio and require more calls to close. The conversion ratio is directly proportional to the number of calls making the leads shift from warm to hot. Hot leads are eagerly sort by sales staff. By providing them with hotter leads your sales staffs’ success improves, thus resulting in increased revenue.

d. Increase sales leads now:

Imagine tracking each individual who hits your website and converting these to lists by territory, area codes, and zip codes, named accounts. Added to this, if you have the ability to cull these lists and get rid of junk web hits, your marketing campaign results will be very successful. In a nutshell, here goes Box’s lead generation program:

  • It would generate lists of Web hits by territory, zip code, area codes. The leads are emailed to the concerned salesperson based on his territory, or named accounts
  • A copy is sent to the supervisor so that he is aware of the leads being generated
  • It would help improve marketing campaign effectiveness by concurrent run with web mail and Google campaigns
  • It eliminates paying for junk web hits from unauthentic foreign sites that are paid to click on search engine ads
  • Parses Web hit information to suit your business.
  • Making ERP and CRM compatible
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Lowers marketing costs

What do you get when you sign up?

You get regular emails, containing a list of business prospects that have visited your web site, with a business contact number. Your salespeople can contact the company and sell your products and services.

In addition, we let you know if your search engine ads are working, audit your web hits from your Google, Yahoo and find several web hits from potentially counterfeit third party sources, which are involved in ‘click of dollars’ campaign that are common in countries like China. With BOX, customers are placed in safe zones as they are warned of fraudulent activities and safeguard themselves from fake advertising in such countries.