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Off-shoring and Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing is a valuable service with growing popularity in the IT era. With the expertise and BPO services of BOX, a business can progress towards the ladder of development. This ensures accuracy and productivity that every organization aims for.

  1. Administrative Outsourcing
  2. Data Management
  3. Quality Assurance

Types of Outsourcing offered:

a) Administrative Outsourcing

1 Administrative outsourcing allows small and medium sized businesses to reduce overhead and maintain productivity by utilizing our turn key administrative outsourcing services. We provide all services ranging from Human Resources to Accounting as our end-to-end solution off shoring expertise facilitates focus on your core business.

1. Human resources outsourcing

‘BOX human resource practices’ help your company increase productivity and profitability. Being an expert in every facet of human resource requirements that your company might already have, we help you reduce internal HR resource costs to a minimum level and increase your bottom line.

2. Invoice accuracy checking outsourcing

‘BOX Invoice accuracy checking outsourcing’ reaches out to verify the accuracy of invoices, as even a small inaccuracy could result in huge loss for your business.

3. Accounts payable outsourcing

‘BOX Accounts payable outsourcing’ takes care of incoming invoice within an allotted time frame. This helps in reinvesting the savings without involving the overhead and results in meeting the vendors’ expectations.

b) Data Management

1 BOX provides high quality service in data management with its data processing services. Data Processing Outsourcing helps you get affordable, accurate data processing, data entry and data conversion services.

1. Data Processing Outsourcing

BOX specializes in achieving high output and a recurring data process outsourcing in a turnaround required with highly skilled staff. This is provided at a low cost relating to an internal data processing division. Your company could achieve high results by investing the savings generated into customer-focused tasks or to improving the bottom line.

c) Quality Assurance

If your organization is looking for quality assurance outsourcing services, then you have found ‘BOX’ - the right outsourcing partner. Our years of experience in providing expert Quality Assurance services allow your business to focus on the core products and services.