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BOX is a consulting and software engineering service provider based in Utah (Salt Lake City, U.S.). Founded in 2002, our firm is dedicated in developing effective outsourcing and other service partnerships with clients to help them reduce their overhead costs, improve process management and reduce time-to-market for new product ideas. We also provide end-to-end software solutions in a variety of industry verticals, including publishing, finance, real estate, insurance, retail and others.

  1. Software Development
  2. Software Testing
  3. Software Off shoring

a) Software Development

By utilizing a combination of U.S. and India based services, BOX creates the most complex software applications for any facet of your business from back end databases to front end software solutions. BOX has all the capacity you need to stay competitive in todays fast pace world.

BOX promises to provide high quality and cost effective “Application Development” to its clients globally. We have wide-ranging experience in Mobile Application development, .Net development, Linux programming, PHP development, etc.

b) Software Testing

If your organization is looking for expert software testing services, then you can opt for BOX - the right service partner. BOX has strong experience in providing expert software testing services, thereby, effectively reducing the overhead associated with in-house testing while maintaining the accuracy and production you expect.

“BOX Software Testing” can handle project failure risks too. BOX expert team provides you with full fledged services by minimizing the expenses on staffing, training and infrastructure. BOX can offer you massive cost savings of up to 60% on implementation.

c) Software Off shoring

BOX Software Engineering Off shoring is the perfect solution for any global organization that reduce operation by leveraging the BOX fulltime offshore software engineering experts’ costs in your web development. These experts assist you to raise productivity with lesser development costs and time period.